From Desk to Dusk: Transforming Workspace

Debating on what to do with your extra bedroom?  Should it be an office or a guestroom?  Modern furniture utilize the latest cleverness in design to allow you to accomodate both your necessary digital life, along with hosting a guest.  Small apartments and studio can greatly benefit from this innovative design, marketed by a companies as the Hidden Bed.

I checked one out at WallBeds ‘n’ More in Danville, CA, and was surprised impressed how the cords and things don’t need to be unplugged at all. You can leave everything running, even drinks and things are protected and undisturbed.

Desk Beds can save space and offer multi-use.
Desk Beds can save space and offer multi-use.

8 thoughts on “From Desk to Dusk: Transforming Workspace”

  1. I would like to place an order….NOW!!
    do you delver to the England and how much, Thanks 🙂

      1. belinda padbury

        I am interested in buying a euro wall bed desk 4ft i.e. small double 120cm x 190 I can you let me know whether this can be ordered, delivered and whether you have people to fix it to the wall or not?

        many thanks

  2. How do I get in touch with the ceiling bed people? Need to know how much space it needs and how much it costs, etc.

  3. Nathanael van Wyk

    I’m in South Africa.It seems this particular idea has not reached us yet. Are there plans available so so I can construct it myself?

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