This blog is dedicated to wall beds. I’ve been a fan of them for the past decad years, having moved into a house that needed a bit more room for hosting guests during the holidays. After shopping for wall beds, I found it interesting to learn about many cool solutions that I wish were more popular in the US, so I created this site to help other people, like myself, find creative ways to expand their sleep spaces.

Planning sleep spaces is an ongoing quest. This site is dedicated to the art form of designing spaces that integrate the modern lifestyles harmoniously for a better night’s rest… and more!

Please visit my other sites for other inspirations for the home:

www.destinationeichler.com – Chronicles of an Eichler Rehab (Mid-century Modern)

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  1. Hello,
    I’m David Jimenez from X-Act Contracting,
    We are looking for a mechanism for a Murphy Bed of Twin size bed.
    What is the price , the estimated delivery time and cost for delivery to Montauk?.

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