The Ultimate Home Office Setup for Small Spaces

Setting up home office for remote working during the Covid-19 lockdown can be challenging when you don’t have an extra bedroom. Consider space-saving solutions before just buying any desk.

Let’s check out some awesome ideas for converting bedrooms, guest rooms, or even kids rooms into spaces inspiring for working from home.

Work From Home Desk In Your Living Room

Say you’re living in a one-bedroom unit and there’s just no place for a desk in the bedroom. Your dining table is always filled up, and you’re neck and back has finally given out from sitting on the couch. These solutions for desks can be added into your living area and also serve as a crash pad for guests overstaying their welcome.

Eat, work, sleep. This is pretty much how life goes, but you can do in style with the Spazio walbed solution.

Spazio Wallbed

Convert a Guest Room Into An Office

Penzeiro Twin Bed + Desk

Got a spare room, but hate the idea of giving it up for an office that might not be permanent change? You’ll be working from home indefinitely, so why not also accommodate some friends with kids, or kids home from school.

Wallbeds for Small Spaces

Bellezza Wallbed With Desk

The Bellezza wallbed with desk provides for those in of larger desk areas.

About The Wallbeds Featured In This Post

Wall Bed Place is a NYC-based retailer that ships and installs beds manufactured in Italy. They not just ship beds, but they fabricate custom cabinets and side units to meet custom requirements. They even manufacture their own hardware and offer a lifetime warranty on the mechanisms that keep your bed operating smoothly like the hydraulics that help raise and lower the bed smoothly. If you don’t have warranty, after a 5 years, your bed gets super-heavy to fold up, and tends to become a hassle–”Ugh… gotta open the bed again!” They’ve been at it for many years, do custom digital renderings, and have decades of experience in the furniture industry. Tell them John sent you!