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‘Hi-Can’ You Sleep in This Bed with Sensory Overload

Ok, so THIS is the coolest bed I’ve ever seen. When you go meet with your architect, bring your Kohler faucet – AND the picture of this bed.  A fully integrated multimedia canopy bed that you can build a house around. Those design masters of Italy did it again, creating a sensory isolation chamber. These Italians designed the Ferrari, then the Hi-Can bed, what next? (The Japanese have the lockdown on the Toto toilet – so we won’t go that far.)

How much is a HiCan bed? Unveiled at a show in Milan, the bed sat untouched with a price tag of about $40,000 – put that on your registry :)

Storage Bed

Since we’re talking about space-saving solutions for your sleep space, let’s look at some storage beds. The only way to survive in micro spaces or to avoid squeezing more dressers into the room is to find creative ways to elegantly improvise.

Minus the tacky bedding, this 6-drawer storage bed makes it a fun way to sleep a little higher up, feeling like a king!

Let’s move on to some better looking beds ;)

A Beautiful Murphy Bed Website

Having writing this blog exclusively about wallbeds, I’ve visited many sites to help share with the world some of my favorite products. I stumbled upon and truly enjoyed how the site was designed. There are plenty of professionally designed and photographed rooms that help widen the imagination. There are also video tutorials on assembling your bed if you have it shipped from their center in OR, and they have some really nice modern pieces.

Inspiration from all over the world.