A Beautiful Murphy Bed Website

Having writing this blog exclusively about wallbeds, I’ve visited many sites to help share with the world some of my favorite products. I stumbled upon www.wallbedfactory.com and truly enjoyed how the site was designed. There are plenty of professionally designed and photographed rooms that help widen the imagination. There are also video tutorials on assembling your bed if you have it shipped from their center in OR, and they have some really nice modern pieces.

Here’s a Murphy Bed… but wait, there’s more!

The trend in Murphy Beds is rising due to the need for:

  • Home offices to keep up with your friends on FaceBook
  • The economy causing a delay in house upgrade for additional bedrooms
  • The social need for housing more guests from all those revived relationships from FaceBook
  • The baby boom and super fertile women having twins ;)

Introducing the bunk bed Murphy Bed – should they call it the Olsen Bed?

How cool is that? Now you can fold up both kids…. I mean beds to make room for more toys :)

Flying Beds: Beds that Rise to the Occassion

Remember in Ghost Busters when a spell-casted Sigourney Weaver rises to the occassion while getting intimate with filmstar, Bill Murray?  Well if that scene did it for you, the elevator bed by FlyingBeds.com might as well get the attention of your bedmate(s) as the remote-controlled electric motorized bed rises and falls from the ceiling.  Wind machine, lightning, and spooky music sold separately.

Murphy Beds Made in the USA

Inova claims to be America’s leading Innovator of wallbed design – sure, it’s a big claim, but the beds may speak for themselves. Beneath the exquisite designs lies a company that does more than just sell beds. Inova offers solutions for both commercial and residential projects, so whether you are a homeowner looking to create innovative multi-use space, or a real estate developer looking for architectural innovation to give you an edge in competitive markets, they may have the product and the people for you.

Inspiration from all over the world.