Modular Sleep Space: High Tech Bed

ODA Studio architects imagined Hall, a concept for modular sleep space. The room consists of three components: the Pod, station media and satellite (including an Office and storage of information). A room of desire for high technology which includes complete geek survival kit: flat screen embedded in mobile wall bed, end Office to work with your laptop and lounge space to play PSP between friends.

Storage Bed

Since we’re talking about space-saving solutions for your sleep space, let’s look at some storage beds. The only way to survive in micro spaces or to avoid squeezing more dressers into the room is to find creative ways to elegantly improvise.

Minus the tacky bedding, this 6-drawer storage bed makes it a fun way to sleep a little higher up, feeling like a king!

Let’s move on to some better looking beds ;)

Chest Beds – More Function, Less Space

Murphy Beds, when folded up, typically offer no value, aside from a non-intrusive pseudo piece of decor.  In some instances, your bedrooms and office may also become filled with bedroom and office stuff (go figure,) so you may require to place a stealth bed solution in other areas of your house.

Chest Beds may also be a solution.

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