Best Wall Beds

It’s difficult when shopping for a bed to understand which beds are simply being resold versus manufactured by the retailer. Either way, most folks are looking for the best looking wall bed and the best functioning solution for their space. I run into so many cool setups, and yet for my own home, cannot easily decide what to install.

A few posts I’ve found along the way offer ideas, but realistically, you can put together a nice wishlist but find it difficult to actually get your hands on the one you want. The shipping costs are typically not worth getting exactly what you want, unless you want to tack on a huge waiting period and another 30% markup.

Home Interior Zone’s gallery of space-saving furniture

FrankRank’s List of Murphy Beds

A Beautiful Murphy Bed Website

Having writing this blog exclusively about wallbeds, I’ve visited many sites to help share with the world some of my favorite products. I stumbled upon and truly enjoyed how the site was designed. There are plenty of professionally designed and photographed rooms that help widen the imagination. There are also video tutorials on assembling your bed if you have it shipped from their center in OR, and they have some really nice modern pieces.

Space Saving Loft Bed Solutions

I had a loft bed that I built in college that gave me room for two desks below my bed. Although it was a nuisance to scale my way up to the 6ft high bed, I found it a natural remedy to beer-goggling. If a girl was unfit to make into my lofted bed, she probably wasn’t meant to be there in the first place.

This bed gives you a little slack – it lowers graciously like a gentlemen, whether you’re too lazy to climb, or if you need to kick out your study partner.

Murphy Chest

The Murphy Chest seems like a neat idea, but I always wonder about converting a common dining room item into a bed. Imagine having guests over for dinner and coffee… then abruptly saying, “Janice, honey, you look tired… go ahead and reach under the creamer, there’s a handle to pull out the bed right here in the dining room. Go ahead put your head down while we continue socializing for another couple hours – don’t mind us one bit!”

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