Impress Your Friends with your Bed without getting in.

Just when I thought I had it made with my fancy new wallbed, comes the ‘T2000′ as the Terminator would say… ‘a newer model.’  The Concealed Bed Company has a clever solution, that’s more than just another way to not have to make your bed, but a way to impress your friends!

See it in action!

How does a bed take all that folding action, you may ask? Memory foam – don’t we wish our luggage would do that when we arrived to our overseas jet-set location?

Finishes range from a light Beech or Bleach, to a rich dark Wenge.

Flying Beds: Beds that Rise to the Occassion

Remember in Ghost Busters when a spell-casted Sigourney Weaver rises to the occassion while getting intimate with filmstar, Bill Murray?  Well if that scene did it for you, the elevator bed by might as well get the attention of your bedmate(s) as the remote-controlled electric motorized bed rises and falls from the ceiling.  Wind machine, lightning, and spooky music sold separately.

Inspiration from all over the world.