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Murphy Bed in the Ceiling

Ceiling Bed in San Francisco

3975 19th Street Bed(room)

3975 19th Street Bed 2


3975 19th Street Bed 3

What – a bed that drops down from the ceiling? I can finally ‘clean’ up my room by throwing clothes up into the ceiling? That’s fantastic!!

3975 19th Street Bed 4

And considering the original Murphy Wall Bed Company┬ástarted in San Francisco…

3975 19th Street Bed 5

…it all seemed rather apropos.

3975 19th Street Bedroom



Elevator Bed: Rising to the Occasion

Although most of our homes feature an 8ft ceiling, most of us don’t always use all the vertical space the room has to offer. Why not stow your bed above your desk or sewing table until you need it. That way, you don’t be tempted to put something off to take a nap. “Hm… all this writing about beds is making me sleepy… but I can’t goto bed until I’m done this post b/c my bed is over my head!”