Elevator Bed: Rising to the Occasion

Although most of our homes feature an 8ft ceiling, most of us don’t always use all the vertical space the room has to offer. Why not stow your bed above your desk or sewing table until you need it. That way, you don’t be tempted to put something off to take a nap. “Hm… all this writing about beds is making me sleepy… but I can’t goto bed until I’m done this post b/c my bed is over my head!”

Modular Sleep Space: High Tech Bed

ODA Studio architects imagined Hall, a concept for modular sleep space. The room consists of three components: the Pod, station media and satellite (including an Office and storage of information). A room of desire for high technology which includes complete geek survival kit: flat screen embedded in mobile wall bed, end Office to work with your laptop and lounge space to play PSP between friends.

Best Wall Beds

It’s difficult when shopping for a bed to understand which beds are simply being resold versus manufactured by the retailer. Either way, most folks are looking for the best looking wall bed and the best functioning solution for their space. I run into so many cool setups, and yet for my own home, cannot easily decide what to install.

A few posts I’ve found along the way offer ideas, but realistically, you can put together a nice wishlist but find it difficult to actually get your hands on the one you want. The shipping costs are typically not worth getting exactly what you want, unless you want to tack on a huge waiting period and another 30% markup.

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